Nadia Falzone, Postdoctoral Researcher

The Radiotherapeutics and Radioimaging Group

Dosimetry of targeted radionuclide therapeutics 

+44 (0)1865 857045
Main Researcher: 


Dr Falzone majored in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She trained as a Medical Physicist, first working in Nuclear Medicine before specializing in Radiation Therapy. She was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Science, Tshwane University of Technology. During this time, she completed her PhD in Medical Science at the University of Pretoria. Upon receipt of a Nuffield Medical fellowship at the University of Oxford in 2009, she joined the Experimental Radiotherapeutics group headed by Prof. Katherine Vallis. Her research focuses on the dosimetric evaluation of novel targeted radionuclide therapeutics. 

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