Clinical Trials

Under the direction of the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology's Clinical Director, Professor Tim Maughan, the aim of the clinical research programme is to initiate and develop high quality clinical trials to test hypotheses emerging from the basic science research groups in the Institute.
We aspire to be a world-class early phase radiation therapy clinical trials unit, with superb underpinning infrastructure that allows rapid conduct of high quality trials and biomarker studies. Our emphasis is on exploring molecularly targeted drugs in combination with external beam radiation, or systemic radiation, and undertaking disease based research with a strong focus on pancreas, rectal, lung and bladder cancer.
Please note that as a scientific research institute, we are not able to answer questions about cancer care or cancer treatment, and strongly recommend that you contact Cancer Research UK for help with these questions
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Chief Investigator:
Prof Somnath Mukherjee
An open-labelled study to characterise Fluciclovine (18F) uptake measured by positron emission tomography in breast cancer
Chief Investigator:
Dr Simon Lord
A single arm exploratory study examining the feasibility of imaging glioblastoma pH using CEST MRI
Chief Investigator:
Dr Somnath Mukherjee
Systemic therapy and Chemoradiation in Advanced LOcalised Pancreatic cancer – 2

In Follow-up

Chief Investigator:
Atovaquone as Tumour hypOxia Modifier
Chief Investigator:
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) pre-operatively for borderline resectable pancreatic cancer.


Chief Investigator:
Rebecca Muirhead
Anal squamous cell carcinoma: Investigation of functional imaging during Chemoradiotherapy (CRT)
Chief Investigator:
A phase I dose escalation study of the PI3K inhibitor BKM120, given concomitantly with palliative radiotherapy for the treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).
Chief Investigator:
Ricky Sharma and Harpreet Wasan
An open-label randomised phase III trial of 5-Fluorouracil, OXaliplatin and Folinic acid +/- Interventional Radio-Embolisation as first line treatment for patients with unresectable liver-only or liver-predominant metastatic colorectal cancer.
Chief Investigator:
RHYTHM-I: modulation of Radiotherapy according to HYpoxia: exploiting changes in the Tumour Microenvironment to improve outcome in rectal cancer
A Phase II Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Study Of Nelfinavir Addition to Radiotherapy Treatment In Neo-Adjuvant Therapy for Rectal Cancer.
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